Get the most unique, immersive listening experience with these $38 wireless neckband speakers!

TL;DR: A good pair of speakers is necessary if you want to really enjoy listening to music. And those speakers don't need to cost hundreds. Right now, the Portable Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Speakers are on sale for only $37.99!

If you've ever tried listening to music with a subpar pair of headphones or awful speakers, you know it completely wrecks the experience. Sound quality is essential, as is general listening comfort. But, you don't have to splurge on AirPods or name-brand speakers to get that, though. Now, you can pair the best qualities of earbuds and speakers into one item: neckband speakers that blend portability and high-quality sound!

The Portable Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Speakers are now available for only $37.99. No coupons needed! At this low price, you get speakers you can easily drape around your neck for a listening experience unlike any you've had before.

When the sound plays around your ears like this, it sounds crisper, clearer, and more immersive than your usual headphones. Plus, it's simply more comfortable when you place your speakers around you instead of putting them directly into your ears, which can aggravate you after wearing them for a while. Your body will thank you!

These speakers use top-of-the-line Bluetooth 5.0 tech, so you don't need to bother with wires that get easily tangled or lost to play your favorite songs, podcasts, and more. You'll be able to get solid transmission within 20 meters, too, and the rechargeable aspect (via micro-USB!) means you can use them for up to eight hours straight before easily powering them up for the next go-around.

Plus, you can connect the neckband speakers with various devices, including laptops, tablets, and personal computers — really, most items that have Bluetooth (which is pretty much everything, right?). Another benefit of these ergonomic bad boys? Per TechHive, neckband speakers are a "healthier long-term listening choice!"

So, don't force yourself to use listening devices that aren't comfortable or don't offer the solid, immersive listening experience that you deserve.

Make your listening experience more comfortable and high-quality when you get the Portable Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Speakers for just $37.99 for a limited time!

Prices subject to change.