Gift your furry friend this interactive dog ball for only $28!

TL;DR: Keep your little furry friend happy while you're away with the Wicked Ball, an interactive pet toy that's only $27.97 (reg. $34) until October 31st. The holidays are almost here, and this ball will make the pet lover or four-legged pal in your life smile! 

Ever feel guilty leaving the house knowing your dog has to stay home alone (as you work your life away to let them live their best lives rent-free)? Fret no more because the Wicked Ball is designed to keep your pet happy and entertained all day. This dynamic ball has three interactive modes that can accommodate pups of any activity level — your dog will never be bored even when their fave human isn't home! 

Just in time for the holidays, the Wicked Ball is discounted to only $27.97 (reg. $34) through October 31st. It's the perfect stocking stuffer for your doggo, who will definitely wag their tails with delight. Or, you can make a fellow dog lover happy!

The Wicked Ball is like a robot for dogs (it's 100% automatic!), helping to stimulate your pup while you're away. They'll get tons of exercise and brain stimulation when you're stuck at the office. Your dog might even be too tired to go on their daily walk when you get home! 

This interactive dog toy is even great for food-motivated dogs (who are we kidding, aren't all of them food-motivated?). There's a built-in snack hole designed for placing yummy treats in so that those food-obsessed pets are motivated to play.

The Wicked Ball is FDA-approved and made with eco-friendly materials designed to withstand scratches and water. It's even built with a collision censor and is super easy to clean. Plus, it only needs 1 hour to fully charge!

This ball was a hit on Kickstarter, and the great reviews speak for themselves on Amazon. One verified buyer wrote, "Our dog absolutely loves this toy! It's perfect if you work from home and can't always give all your attention to your dog. They're able to entertain themselves. I highly recommend this!"

Score the perfect toy for your furry friend this holiday season when you grab the Wicked Ball for just $27.97. No coupon is necessary, but this deal ends October 31st at 11:59pm Pacific! 

Prices subject to change.