Tiny microSD card organizer

Trevor Flowers made a microSD card organizer in the style of yesteryear's floppy disk caddies. For me it instantly evokes memories of dozens of pirated Amiga games and the Pilot Precise pens [Amazon] we used to print their titles in the available 2mm of writing space. I'm not sure if Pilot makes a pen precise enough to write "Secret of Monkey Island 2" on the side of a microSD card, though one does have the advantage of holding every commercial game released on the platform.

Back when floppies were new we kept them safe in somewhat terrible plastic bins. …

So, here's a little throwback to the floppy organizer but sized for micro SD cards. I used double-sided tape to stick mine to the top of my PC monitor because I'd lose it on my messy desk.

The smol card organizer is $22 at Transmutable.