Snow White remake delayed for reshoots

Following the wave of racist backlash following leaked set photos – or possibly just because live-action remakes of beloved animated properties have literally never gone well – Disney's impending Snow White remake has been delayed to 2025, with the dwarves – previously played by real actors – being replaced with CGI… thus perhaps stretching the term 'live-action' a bit.

Whether this is a result of internal reassessments or buckling to the demands of the boneheaded MAGA crowd, we won't see Disney's next live-action remake for a while.

If only its critics could evaluate it on its own merits, instead of having an aneurysm the second they see an actor that's not white.

I can't even say this movie looks bad – because it really, really does, moreso now – without getting lumped in with this crowd, but at least I can take solace in the fact that I'm not part of the crowd who spends every waking moment angry over an actor's ethnicity.