Melt stress away with this must-have percussive massage gun, now just $29.99

TL:DR; Skip a pricey trip to the masseuse and experience pain relief at a moment's notice with the truRelief Impact Therapy percussive massage gun for just $29.99 through 11/9.

Between the grueling workouts you've been trying to maintain and the hours you spend hunched over your desk at work, aching muscles have become the norm in your day-to-day life. And while frequent trips to the spa for a massage would be ideal, it's hardly economical. But how else are you supposed to get some relief? 

Whether it's your shoulders, your, neck, or your calves, a powerful percussive gun, like this Impact Therapy device by truRelief, can work wonders. A fantastic substitute for a professional masseuse, this handheld massage gun can target muscles right on the spot, breaking up knots and releasing tension to ease pain, improve flexibility, and more. And considering that it's currently over 75% off its regular price at just $29.99 (as long as you act before 11/9), this thing is a must-have. 

The truRelief Impact Therapy device is ideal for a wide range of needs thanks to its interchangeable massage heads that let you customize your experience and target specific points on the body. It also boasts adjustable settings that allow you to manipulate the speed and force of the percussive movements to fit your comfort level. All of these customizations make it great for households, as it can be used in tons of different ways to provide all kinds of pain relief. It's no wonder the gun has earned an impressive rating of 4.5 out of five stars online.

Whether you use it at home to relax your muscles before bed or at the gym after a particularly challenging workout, the massage gun is incredibly portable and comfortable to hold. It even boasts an ultra-quiet brushless motor so you never disturb anyone around you as you put it to work. And because of its Li-Ion batteries, a single charge can give you hours of wireless usage, making it more portable than ever. I

Kiss your aches and pains goodbye with the must-have truRelief Impact Therapy massage gun while it's still on sale!

The truRelief™ Impact Therapy™ percussive massage gun is currently just $29.99 down from $129 through 11/9! 

Prices subject to change.