Play unique retro games and watch TV hits on this unusual console, now just $89.97

TL;DR: Love video games? Try your hand at some of the most fun games in the world with this special console. No only does the Retro Console offer a variety of games, you can also watch TV shows on the console as well. While the Android 9.0 Gaming & TV Console with Preloaded Games usually for $149, it's now on sale for just $89.97 through October 31.

The holiday season is approaching, and that means gift-giving season is coming, too. And while you could get some top-of-the-line, futuristic object, as a recent Forbes report pointed out, most Gen-Z people prefer something retro (as do many people!). Consider this unique retro gaming device then as a gift.

The Android 9.0 Gaming & TV Console with Preloaded Games is exactly what it sounds like: People can use it to play both retro games and watch TV hits. While it usually costs $149, through October 31, you can get it for only $89.97. It's the perfect holiday sale gift, no coupons needed!

Here's why we love the retro console: You can find over 45,000 unique games from the past on this device, including fun mazes, difficult brain teasers, thrilling races, and other beloved games of the past. And while the device is best used for gaming, it also allows people to play television, too. Swap your gaming sessions for a Netflix binge easily when you use the Retro console.

Other things to love include:

  • The multiplayer function, so up to four people can play a game with you
  • The 75+ emulators, enhancing the variety of gameplay
  • The Bluetooth connection, helping you connect to a variety of devices
  • … And so much more

So, if you're looking to treat yourself or spoil a loved one this holiday, look no further than the Android 9.0 Gaming & TV Console with Preloaded Games. What's better than getting television and games on the go? But just make to sure to hurry: The Retro Console is only $89.97 through October 31.

Prices subject to change.