5 things that Dragonbane does better than D&D

Back in August, we took a look at the release of Dragonbane, the Swedish RPG based on the 40-year-old Drakar och Demoner (Dragons & Demons). In this Bronze Dragon Inn video, ThatBronzeGirl discusses five things that she thinks Dragonbane does better than D&D (and one thing it doesn't).

Among the things she likes are the survival mechanics (things like bushcraft and fishing are useful skills in Dragonbane), the way you can still cast spells even if you haven't prepared them (they just take twice as long), and on critical hits rolled during melee combat, you can choose to opt out of dealing double damage and instead target an additional adversary. Crits on magic spells also allow you to either choose to have the spell cost nothing (no Willpower spent) or you can choose to cast an additional spell. These rules make crits more exciting, which makes sense given the fact that the game is called Dragonbane and crit rolls are called Dragons (critical fails are Demons, BTW).

You might not agree with all of ThatBronzeGirl's choices, but I find these videos comparing the two systems to be interesting and thought provoking.