The bizarre breakfast of 1947 — man devours bowl of DDT-infused porridge

Don't knock dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane as a condiment until you've tried it.

In this obviously staged film from 1947, a white savior sprays DDT from a hose while a group of bored-looking people identified as "Africans" watch. The narrator, with a nasally posh British accent, says the locals dislike the DDT because they are a superstitious lot who suspect the man wants to poison them or is practicing witchcraft.

To prove to the "ignorant" locals that he is not a warlock, he calls for a bowl of porridge, which an assistant conveniently has at the ready. The man sprays a generous amount of DDT on the porridge and hungrily spoons the insecticide-dosed mixture into his mouth.

If the people watching this demonstration really did suspect the man might be an evil wizard, I don't think this demonstration disabused them of that notion.