The Cheerble Ball provides boundless entertainment for even the most unbothered cat

TL;DR: The Cheerble Ball provides entertainment for cats and their human owners alike. Purchase it today for $39.99.

Cats are funny animals. While some people mistake their ambivalent attitudes toward humans as evidence that they lack dogs' personalities, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Anyone who has owned or spent time around cats knows just how much character they have — especially when they play with their toys.

The Cheerble Ball has emerged as a fan favorite among cat owners for the sheer actions and emotions it elicits. Treat your four-legged fur friend to the Cheerble Ball for $39.99. This sphere-shaped toy will provide countless fun moments for cats and watchful entertainment from their owners.

This self-rolling ball can be tailored for cats of varying energy levels. It can be switched between active, gentle or normal. One tap from your cat is all that's needed to activate Cheerble. You'll only need to shake it or tap it for activation. From there, Once your cat's paw or nose strikes the ball, it bounces around, leaving your cat in hot pursuit. 

The automatic obstacle avoidance system ensures that Cheerble won't get stuck in your home's crevices and other tight spaces. It's constructed with a synthetic fiber cover. And its LED lights are sure to grab your cat's attention. 

Its three reaction modes account for varying attention spans. Green can be used for gentle playful efforts, while blue can be engaged for normal play. Purple is reserved for when the activity levels need to be ramped up.

"My cats have been going CRAZY over the Cheerble! I haven't seen a toy keep their attention like this has. I think anyone with a cat needs one of these," writes a verified buyer. 

Cheerble's battery charges to full power in an hour and provides 10 minutes of exercise. A charging cable comes with purchase, as does a one-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Few things are as entertaining as watching a cat locked in and embroiled in a battle with their toy. The Cheerble Ball not only provides that entertainment for humans, but it will stimulate and command the attention of its four-legged audience. Purchase it today for $39.99.

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