Celebrating Paul Reubens and Pee-wee Herman's legacy at the Dia de los Muertos festival in San Antonio

Lots of love for Paul Reubens and his unforgettable character Pee-wee Herman at Muertos Fest this weekend, where artists and fans alike celebrated with five different Dia de los Muertos ofrendas in his honor. Fittingly, the event took place deep in the heart of Texas (clap, clap, clap, clap), just a short drive to the historic Alamo (and its basement).

Pee-wee fan Michael Gonzales captured these photos of artist Hamilton's incredible altar.

Look closely, it nods to both Pee-wee's Playhouse and Pee-wee's Big Adventure. Hamilton shared this, "This altar is in remembrance of the joy Paul Reubens brought us. It is a reminder that we should all act silly and childlike once in a while." (Yes!)

Speaking of Paul's legacy, a small team of folks who worked with him, known as the "Friends of Pee-wee," have taken on the important task of carrying it on!

This is what they shared at the end of last month:

It's been nearly two months since we said goodbye to Paul Reubens.

Today, we want to introduce ourselves both as friends and as keepers of his incredible legacy. We're the "Friends of Pee-wee" – a small team privileged to work closely with the talented man behind the red bow tie. Our mission? To ensure the magic of Pee-wee remains vibrant for future generations.

But this is a mission we can't accomplish alone. We need YOU.

Help us keep Pee-wee's spirit alive by sharing your favorite Pee-wee photos, videos, and stories. We've set up a form just for you, the dedicated loners and rebels.

Join us, and let's celebrate Pee-wee together! #PeeweeForever https://bit.ly/PeeweeForever

(Pee-wee Herman)