Scarlett Johansson sues company that used AI replica of her in ad

If you've seen Scarlett Johansson in an online ad and wondered how something quite so low-rent happened to her career, well, so did she. The actress is suing the AI hucksters who faked her into the ad, which reportedly ran on Twitter.

The advertisement first began to bubble up on X around Saturday. Text under the advertisement read, "Images produced by Lisa AI. It has nothing to do with this person," according to Variety.

Lisa AI is one of a number of AI apps that have flooded the market in recent months. It lets users "create amazing artworks with AI," including text suggestions that produce images, its website says. As of Wednesday night, the app appeared to be available on both Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Tom Hanks was put in a similar position last month, but did not sue those purloining his image, instead simply declaring that that he had nothing to do with the ad "promoting some dental plan."

It's funny that Twitter ads, for me and at least some others, are either the lowest tier available on non-adult sites or Apple, one of the last major advertisers who never left (others include Disney). Apple ads represented 4% of Twitter's revenue in one quarter last year and it's surely a two-digit portion now. It makes me wonder if it'll buy it when the current proprietor finally ditches it.