Preserve Memories With This Kodak Digital Film Scanner

TL;DR: Digitize your photo collection with the Kodak Slide N Scan Film & Slide Scanner. Available for $169.97 with free shipping when you use coupon code KODAK (reg. $224) through November 9.

While the means for taking them has evolved, film images still hold heartfelt significance for their owners. And depending on when you snapped your first roll of film, you could have a trove of others you've since added to the collection.

Film captures the essence of a moment with the hope of preserving it through time. Delicate by nature, film is sensitive to light, elements and time. Far too many memories taken through film have disappeared prematurely.

The Kodak Slide N Scan Film & Slide Scanner helps keep those memories alive. Thanks to a limited-time coupon, you can purchase this moment-saving device for $169.97 (reg. $224) with free shipping and have the perfect gift ready to go. 

Consider this digital scanner your film's portal to the future. Weighing only 13.4 ounces, this small-profile device can easily rest on a table or desk. It digitally preserves your moments in time via scanning. Its 14-megapixel image sensor produces vivid, detailed recreations of your pictures in enhanced resolution — 14MP/22MP (interpolation).

It features a 5-inch LCD screen from which you can adjust color and rotate images, among other features. It's quite easy to use. It ships with three film adapters: 110, 126 and 135. The included 50x50mm slide holder transports your film into the scanner.

After inserting your film, you'll head to the LCD screen to begin the upload and transfer process, where you can adjust the color, brightness, quality and other options. Quick transfer times make the experience effortless.

The scanner is compatible with televisions (HDMI), PCs and Macs. It supports 32GB of SD card storage.

With a current 4.4-star rating on Amazon, this film and slide scanner has received rave reviews.

"Works wonderfully. My husband is scanning slides from the 70s and they are coming out great. It is a great product that I highly recommend," writes a verified 5-star buyer.

Film and photos aren't forever. With the Kodak Slide N Scan Film & Slide Scanner, yours can be rightfully preserved. Purchase it today for $169.97 and get it shipped for free when you use coupon KODAK at checkout until 11:59 p.m. PT on Nov. 9.

Prices subject to change.