Wooden Game Boy made with CNC

Sebastian Staacks made a beautiful custom Game Boy with a guts of an old Nintendo handheld, a CNC machine and, of course, some wood.

You made me create a wooden Game Boy shell. Yes, you made me do it. After I got myself a CNC machine a while back I just made a wooden Game Boy cartridge to get to know the machine, but social media wanted more. So, I made a Game Boy out of walnut wood. You can see the process in the video without much explanation. If you want to learn about the toolpaths, my reasoning behind a few things, lessons learned and what you should avoid if you try this yourself, read this blog post instead and check out my design files on GitHub.

Outstanding work! I've tried and failed to do things lilke this. Cue the Fancy Cat meme: "I should buy a CNC machine."