Pent-up Mike Johnson is so distrustful, he spies on his son (and vice versa)

New ultra-Christian House Speaker Mike Johnson found a way to keep his bottled-up desires in check, as explained in a 2022 clip that surfaced over the weekend (see video below, posted by Receipt Maven). Speaking at Cypress Baptist Church in Louisiana, the hard-right Congressman explained how he had roped his 17-year-old son into monitoring his own online activity to make sure he doesn't slip and do something naughty, like watch porn. Using an app called Covenant Eyes, he in turn monitors his son's behavior.

""It scans all the activity on your phone… and then it sends a report to your accountability partner. My accountability partner right now is Jack, my son, and he's 17. So he and I get a report about all the things that are on our phones, all of our devices, once a week," he said, saying he learned about the Big Brother tool through the Promise Keepers. "If anything objectionable comes up, your accountability partner gets an immediate notice. I'm proud to tell ya, my son has got a clean slate." He neglected to tell us what condition his own slate was in.

Of course this convenient support system also allows the MAGA lawmaker and his son to make sure they aren't getting into other shenanigans, such as conversing with a gay person or exploring atheistic avenues. And apparently, according to the same person who posted the video, even though in the clip below he says he doesn't make any money on this, Johnson actually did earn a commission with a refer-your-friend link to the spy app. His Covenant Eyes sales pitch has since been scrubbed from his Facebook account — but not before it was saved, which you can view at the bottom of this post, thanks to Receipt Maven.

Front page thumbnail image: Rep. Mike Johnson official photo