Save 50% on these night vision binoculars for better evening hikes

TL;DR: From daytime adventures to nighttime excursions, these Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars help you see more than meets the eye — they even capture and store pics and videos in HD! Save 50% through 11/9.

As we get deeper and deeper into the fall season, it's getting darker earlier and earlier. And while that can put a little cramp in your daily schedule, it also means doing more nighttime activities in addition to your daytime ones, like evening hikes. But how are you supposed to see what's going on around you? 

While wearing night goggles is one (admittedly unfashionable) option, it's hardly practical. But with a pair of night vision binoculars like these, you never have to miss a thing, whether the sun is shining or the light of the moon is all you have to work with. And the fact that they're currently just $79.97, half off their regular price, is the cherry on top. 

Unlike other binoculars you may have used, this advanced pair boasts a 1080p HD display and a digital zoom of up to 4x, even when it's not light out. The binoculars can also be used to capture crystal clear photos and videos, great for when you want to save a particular bird after a hike or a moment from a football game you find particularly memorable. 

Whether you want to use them while hunting, watching a concert, or exploring the scenic views at a national park, these top-rated binoculars feature a lens magnifying 10x, delivering incredibly sharp views. The binoculars are also compact and easy to carry around, so you can easily pop them into your bag or backpack to have on hand. They even have a rechargeable lithium battery with a 2260mAh capacity, so you don't have to worry about having spare batteries nearby. 

See the world from a new perspective — even if it's dark out — with these must-have night vision binoculars!

The Mini Dual Tube Digital Night Vision Binoculars with 1080p HD recording are 50% off their regular price at $79.97 through 11/9.

Prices subject to change.