Taylor Swift accused of witchcraft by MAGA pastor Hank Kunneman

Hank Kunneman is employed as a MAGA pastor. It's not bad work if you can stomach spouting uncreative and discredited conspiracy theories to dimwitted, credulous, and perpetually enraged Trump worshippers. If you know who Kunneman is, you probably remember him as the prophet who foretold Trump's victory and then claimed that anyone who pointed out that Biden was the winner was "grievous to God." 

Kunneman is back in the news, this time for slandering Taylor Swift as a practitioner of "satanic rituals and witchcraft."

Kunneman posted Facebook video of a sermon he presented to his flock, in which he said, "Have you ever noticed that everything on TV is supported by Pfizer," which is a perfect lie to tell his vax-fearing followers. "What's up with this whole thing now with the Kansas City Chiefs and everybody is celebrating some lady, some girl that if you look at her concerts, man, she does satanic rituals and witchcraft. Why would you wanna put that stuff in your home? You talk about blinding yourself, again. She just happens to be dating 'Mr. Pfizer,' the football player? You don't think that there's a connection somewhere?"

For some reason, Pastor Kunneman removed the video from Facebook, but the good people at Right Wing Watch retrieved it and posted it to YouTube.