These personalized language courses will help your next trip abroad, and their discount is bananas

TL;DR: Whether you're traveling to a new country or simply want to be able to communicate with others more easily, a lifetime subscription to the Babbel Language Learning app is a fantastic educational tool, and it's currently 76% off at just $139.97 through 11/5, no coupon code needed.

You've finally carved out some time to go on a trip! While finding affordable flights may seem like the hardest part of planning for a vacation, if you're going to a place where everyone speaks something other than English, it's only half the battle. But how on earth are you supposed to find time to learn a whole new language with all the stuff you've got going on these days? 

Learning a new language doesn't have to mean devoting hours each day to your education. In fact, you can speak in a new tongue confidently within just a couple of months thanks to the advanced educational resources offered in Babbel, the #1 top-selling language learning app trusted by millions of people just like you. And right now, a lifetime subscription to the award-winning app is currently just $139.97, hundreds off its regular rate, as long as you snag it by 11/5. How do you say, "That's a great deal" in French? 

Babbel uses bite-sized lessons to help you squeeze in practice no matter how jam-packed your current schedule may be. And since their lessons are conversation-focused, you can quickly understand how to communicate while touching on real-life topics you can immediately start applying in the real world. You'll even have access to personalized review sections that help you hone in on things you could use more practice on. 

Even if you don't have access to Wi-Fi, Babbel makes it easy to access your lessons both on and offline so you can start speaking confidently, whether you choose to participate on your phone, tablet, or computer. Plus, thanks to the fact that you have 14 different languages to choose from, you can continue your language learning far beyond any upcoming trips to far-off lands, helping you to become a better communicator throughout your life. 

Gear up for an upcoming trip abroad or simply beef up your resume with a new language under your belt with Babble's personalized, fun, bite-sized lessons! 

lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning is currently $139.97, 76% off its regular rate — just be sure to snag it by 11/5! 

Prices subject to change.