Poppy, a "prairie dog living her best life," will "wahoo" her way into your heart!

Meet Poppy, an adorable adopted prairie dog who lives with her humans in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her humans describe her on TikTok as a "prairie dog living her best life" and on Facebook as a "Fashion Model." 

I had no idea prairie dogs were so hilarious and sweet. The videos her humans post of her reveal how absolutely full of personality she is. She has her very own snack chair where she sits and munches on her treats. She especially loves special treats like pumpkins. She's a big fan of snuggling, and has the best giant yawns. She also likes to snooze and then do big stretches when she wakes up. Most of all she likes going "Wahoo!"—Here's a great big wahoo and here's a fun compilation.

For more of this cute little beast, check out her FacebookTikTok, or Instagram.


Does Poppy snuggle? Yes! Here she is snuggling and then making the bed after she wakes up 😂🥰 • • • #prairiedog #animals #pet #funny #petlover #animal #tiktokanimals #cute #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #trendingvideo #viraltiktok #trending

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