The cordless vacuum CNN called better than a Dyson is now just $170

TL;DR: Cleaning is undeniably a chore, but it's even worse with the wrong tools. Make cleaning more efficient with the JASHEN V18 350W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, on sale now for just $169.99.

Everyone wants a clean house, but to get your home in tip-top shape, you need the right instruments. One essential tool in your arsenal is a vacuum, but we all know vacuums aren't created equally, with some much more powerful than others. The ultimate name in vacuums has long been the Dyson, but as a recent CNN review noted, there's a cordless vacuum cleaner that's "making us forget all about" that particular brand.

The vacuum in question? The JASHEN V18 350W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Hailed for its ultra-song suction and incredible battery life, this vacuum is typically valued at $336. However, you can now get it on sale for just $169.99. No coupons needed!

It's not just that jaw-dropping price that makes this particular vacuum model so appealing (in fact, customers have given it a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating!). It boasts some noteworthy features that help it effectively battle all the dirt, grime, and dust in your home, leaving shining surfaces in its wake:

  • Great suction courtesy of the 350W digital brushless monitor (and yes, that means it's a lot quieter than your typical noisy cleaners)
  • It can tackle hard and soft surfaces thanks to the 2-in-1 dusting brush
  • It has a rechargeable battery — but you won't need to charge it too often, seeing as it can power on for up to 40 minutes
  • It's wireless, so you have more flexibility in the areas you can reach
  • The digital aspect means you have a clear warning of when you need to empty the bag, clean your filter, charge the battery, and more

Whether you're comfortable with mess or a total neat freak, this is the vacuum for you. Get the JASHEN V18 350W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for just $169.99 today.

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