This drone can avoid any obstacles — and it's on sale for under $70

TL;DR: Drones aren't just a fun hobby. While it's thrilling to fly them, you can capture incredible aerial photography, too! They make great gifts, which is why you need to snag the Ninja Dragon Blade K 4K Drone, typically valued at $169, for just $69.97 now through November 9.

November is the time to start thinking about getting the perfect gift, as the holidays are right around the corner. But those special days with your loved ones come up fast, which is why you shouldn't have to wait for Black Friday to find incredible deals.  Instead, consider buying this unique present, on sale this November.

The Ninja Dragon Blade K 4K Drone is an incredibly fun piece of tech that soars above its pilots' heads and captures gorgeous imagery from an unbelievable angle. Drones can usually be expensive — this one retails at $169 — but now through November 9, you can get it for just $69.97. No coupons needed!

There are multiple things that set the Ninja Dragon Blade K 4K apart from other drones. The four-way anti-collision system means this drone is able to soar away from potential hazards coming at it from all sides, ensuring a stable flight with no damage. The 4K HD camera is able to capture crisp, vivid photos and videos, giving you the best possible imagery from the sky. Plus, the optical flow sensor is a must, adding to the drone's accuracy. 

Other aspects we love:

  • It's got an incredible battery life and can go for a flight for up to 12 minutes
  • It's light, compact, and foldable — you can bring it anywhere you go! Plus, it's ultra-stylish.
  • The one-key function means it's simple to use. With just a tap, it knows to take off and where to come back
  • In general, it's easy to operate, as it comes with a remote control that people of all ages can figure out

So, skip the socks and wine as holiday gifts this year. Instead, gift them a fun, high-tech activity that will help you make even more memories together. Get the Ninja Dragon Blade K 4K Drone for just $69.97 through November 9.

Prices subject to change.