Counterfeit AirPods CT scanned and compared to the genuine article

Apple's AirPods cost $250 and up and I still can't quite bring myself to fork out for them. Are cheap knockoffs any good? Well, a look inside can suggest answers to such questions. Lumafield CT-scanned the genuine article and the clone and posted three-dimensional images and videos of the gadgets' guts.

the contrast in overall build quality is dramatic between the genuine AirPods and their counterfeit counterparts. One of the fakes doesn't offer wireless charging at all (no coils are visible in the scans), and the other one has wireless charging coils but lacks the magnets that snap the real AirPods case onto Apple's Watch charger. The counterfeit AirPods even resort to using internal weights with no other function than to mimic the heft of the genuine product, a deceptive tactic for making them feel heavier to compensate for poorer materials and less functionality. These fakes may replicate the visual cues of the original, but the use of substandard materials not only affects the tactile experience but also compromises the structural integrity and overall lifespan of the product.

Remember Sam Vimes and his boots! Counterpoint: I won't drop my boots in a mug of coffee.