Upgrade your home improvement projects with the NeoRuler Smart Digital Ruler

TL;DR: If you need a killer gift this holiday season, you can snag the NeoRuler smart digital ruler for just $114.97 (Reg. $129.99). Act fast, this deal ends 11/9 at 11:59 PM PST.

Need to measure up this holiday season? You could be taken to task at gift-giving time, so it's best to keep the gifts cool so you don't lose your title of best gift-giver in the family.

If you're looking to give the present of the year, The NeoRuler smart digital ruler is a focused measurement tool that can pair with your phone for an accurate measurement either when you're in a pinch or just need some extra padding. It's here on sale for just $114.97 (Reg. $129.99). Act fast, this deal ends 11/9 at 11:59 PM PST.

With all the bells and whistles to make at-home projects easier than ever, this tool is an amazing get for contractors, tinkerers, or just DIY folks who want to get their project just right. It has a 1.14-inch full-color LCD display and an LED light indicator, so you're never even just a smidge off. Speaking of, the NeoRuler has a measuring range of 12 inches (305mm) with a high level of accuracy at ±0.004 inches (±0.1mm) and a resolution of 240×135, which gives folks the extra confidence they need to make those unchangeable cuts and saws.

If your home improvement is long-term, you'll get 180 days on standby mode and up to 12 hours of continuous use. When you do eventually run out of juice, the 1,000mAh battery is rechargeable. 

And, because all of your measurements can be saved directly to your phone, you'll just need to download a new addition to your app library in order to have everything sent via Bluetooth. 

Get the NeoRuler smart digital ruler for $114.97 (Reg. $129.99). Act fast, this deal ends 11/9 at 11:59 PM PST.

Prices subject to change.