Brawl at the Museum of Tolerance

The screening of a 45-minute terrorist atrocity compilation at the Museum of Tolerance descended into chaos Thursday despite a heavy police presence. Fisticuffs commenced outside the museum and people were pepper-sprayed, according to reports. Supporters described the screening as an essential reminder of Hamas's brutality, whereas opponents called it an effort to justify killing Palestinian civilians in the war in Gaza. The organizer of the event, Israeli actress Gal Godot, did not attend it.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass decried the violence."We cannot allow current worldwide tension to devolve into this unacceptable violence in our city," she wrote on X. "This is a time of immense pain and distress for thousands of Angelenos. We must stand together."

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the War Room!

It was so obvious this was going to happen that TV affiliates sent news choppers to a movie.