Supercharge your Apple experience with this accessory bundle for only $39.97

TL;DR: Your one-stop charging solution is here with the 5-piece Apple Compatible Accessory Bundle price dropped to only $39.97 (Reg. $129) until 11:59 PM on 11/16, so get yours now and always have juice.

In our fast-paced, plugged-in world, few things are more exasperating than running low on battery power. At home, in the office, or out and about, we always want our devices (that we are practically glued to) to be charged up and ready to meet our every need.

Seriously, what's more annoying than thinking you have your smartphone powered up and then realizing you're only at 20%? And once it's at 20%, it seems to drop down to 5% in less than a minute. What gives?

Stop the frustration with a one-stop charging and protection solution. This 5-piece Apple Compatible Accessory Bundle will take care of all your charging needs in no time.

20W PD Charging Head: This pocket-sized powerhouse ensures your device gets a rapid energy boost. With smart PD 3.0 technology, it turbocharges your iPhone to 50% battery in just 30 minutes. Plus, it plays safe with overcharging, over-current, and overheating protection.

Magnetic Case: This isn't your ordinary iPhone case. It's super magnetic, ensuring you get safer, faster charging. The perfect fit and premium quality guarantee high-definition protection. It's MagSafe compatible, and the slim design won't cramp your style.

Wireless Charger: Charge your Apple devices with lightning speed. This charger offers up to 15W of wireless power, with a magnetic attachment that's rock-solid. Enjoy 360° rotation and USB-C convenience, making it portable perfection for your life on the move.

USB-C Charging Cable: With this durable cable, your charging speed is maxed out at 2.4 amps. Wide-diameter wires and extra protection on the ends ensure it stands the test of time. It's compatible with a range of iPhone models, ensuring you're always in charge.

5,000mAh Power Bank: Never fear the dreaded "low battery" alert again. This smart power bank charges on autopilot and supports wireless charging to keep your workspace clutter-free. The LED indicator keeps you informed, and its portable size fits seamlessly into your pocket, purse, or wallet.

This 5-piece kit has you covered – from charging to jamming to keeping your precious Apple gear in pristine condition. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Supercharge your Apple experience with this must-have bundle for only $39.97 (Reg. $129) until 11:59 PM on 11/16.

Prices subject to change.