Connect all your devices to this ultralight touchscreen monitor, now $250

TL;DR: Whether you're a working professional, a devoted artist, a gaming enthusiast, or a general tech user, you can find value in using a monitor. The Desklab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor connects with all your devices — and while it's usually $375, through November 16 you can get it for just $249.97.

Black Friday is approaching, and for most people, that means scouring the hottest deals, especially with the gift-giving season around the corner. But you don't need to wait for Black Friday any longer. Right now, we're offering price drops on some of our top products — including a touchscreen monitor that will totally change the way you approach work.

The Desklab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor is an ultra-light device that hooks up to laptops, phones, gaming devices, and more, giving you a large second screen you can operate with the swipe of your fingers to make both work and play more enjoyable. While it usually sells for $375, through November 16, you can get it for just $249.97. No coupons needed!

People who haven't used a monitor before may not realize how useful it is: Having a second screen makes it simpler to do tasks, as you don't need to toggle between separate tabs to get the information you need to work. It's also usually better on a comfort level as well, decreasing pressure on your eyes and neck. 

Plus, there's a lot that separates this Desklab monitor from others. The touchscreen aspect is huge, as you can operate your devices much differently when you're directly using your fingers rather than a mouse or a keyboard. It's also larger than an iPad, which means you get a clearer, more vivid 15.6" screen but it's still sleek, light, and portable. You can easily bring it on the go so you can do work — or play games, or watch movies, or sketch art, or simply surf the web — wherever you go.

Another bonus? The Desklab monitor is compatible with all devices — Apple, Dell, you name it. You can get a second screen with all of them! Say goodbye to dongles and adaptors that clutter up your workspace, too.

So many tasks become easier when you have a second screen, so take advantage of our latest sale and get the Desklab Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor for only $249.97 now. But make sure to hurry: This sale ends November 16.

Prices subject to change.