This handheld laser hair remover is the ultimate stocking stuffer, and its price just dropped

TL;DR: Give your loved ones the gift of smooth, hairless skin with the Face to Feet Laser Hair Remover! And you can get it for the freshly discounted price of just $49.97 as long as you buy it before 11/16, making it the best stocking stuffer ever.

Before you kick your holiday shopping into high gear, you may want to take a moment and consider what your friends and family could really use. Sure, those fuzzy socks are always a crowd-pleaser, but perhaps the gift of smooth, hairless skin would be a little more appreciated. 

If you're looking for some quality stocking stuffers, don't sleep on this genius hair removal gadget. The Face-to-Feet Laser Hair Remover is a handheld tool that uses laser technology to zap hair at its cuticle layer without posing any pain or harm to the skin at all. While it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it boasts some serious power, capable of removing hair from just about anywhere on the body, including the legs, arms, bikini area, and more. 

While trips to the salon for hair removal treatments can cost a pretty penny, the Face to Feet Laser Hair Remover is currently discounted to a mere $50 down from over $100, which makes it just within your budget to include as a holiday gift or stocking stuffer. Even if you have no experience using anything like this, the gizmo is incredibly easy to use. Plus, it's completely portable, allowing you to tote it around in your purse, gym bag, or wherever else with ease. 

With tools like this on hand, you can kiss painful tweezing and awkward shaving goodbye. That's because the laser hair remover not only removes the hair painlessly, but it also prevents fast regrowth, allowing you to stay smoother for longer. And don't worry — it's been proven completely safe to use and approved by the FDA. It's even gentle enough to use on facial hair!

Stuff your stockings with the Face to Feet Laser Hair Remover and be the star gift-giver this holiday season! The Face to Feet Laser Hair Remover is just $49.97 as long as you purchase it before 11/16, no coupon code required.

Price subject to change.