Alabama Woman with two uteruses set to give birth to twins

Only one in a million women born with two uteri is ever pregnant at the same time in both. Kelsey Hatcher of Alabama is one such person. The 32-year-old mother-to-be is 34 weeks pregnant and will give birth to twin girls next month, reports The Washington Post.

As reported in The Post:

When Hatcher was a teenager in November 2008, she said doctors in Birmingham discovered that she had been born with two uteruses and two cervices — a condition called uterus didelphys that occurs in about 0.3 percent of women, Davis said. Doctors warned Hatcher that she would face a heightened risk for miscarriages and premature births because of the disorder, Hatcher said. At the time, Hatcher barely thought about the implications, thinking she wouldn't become pregnant in the immediate future.

At almost every doctor's appointment, Hatcher said medical experts remind her that they have not overseen this type of pregnancy. Hatcher's doctors said that her fetuses are developing at a similar and healthy pace. But because they can't lean on experience, they are handling Hatcher's pregnancy much like a twin pregnancy.

"This is such a rare thing that we don't have a lot of guidance," Patel said.

The babies are due on Christmas day.