Kangaroo home security system for just $20

Security systems have always been kind of a headache.

Back in the pre-internet flip phone days, they were a consulted mess where if you dropped a dish after a certain hour it would call the cops and there was nothing you could do about it.

Fast forward a few decades and thanks to technology, you can now piece together a setup more sophisticated than your plate-dropping ancestors could have ever imagined, but…mostly you'd just spend a preposterous amount of time setting it up and an even more preposterous amount of time managing the constant notifications on your phone about how the squirrel in the backyard just walked by one of your motion-activated wireless cameras. Again.

But then there's today's deal. Today's deal is a remarkably simplified approach, which combines the tried-and-true basics of those old-school systems with the wonderfully plug-and-play versatility of modern tech.

The sensors detect motion and can easily help you establish indoor security that lets you know if anything is amiss. (They won't tell you about that squirrel, but also it turns out that you don't need real-time updates about him after all. Unless it gets inside. In that case, these will tell you and you'll probably want to know.)

Anyway, you combine those with the siren, which provides an audible deterrent to any intruders while also making sure everyone home knows that something is going on. While most modern systems will just furiously blow up your phone to alert you of a problem, this one will actually make sounds in the house, regardless of where you or your chirping phone happen to be.

It's pretty great. Doubly so for twenty bucks. Plus, Kangaroo has a bunch of different add-ons and components, so it's a bit of an ecosystem if you want it to be.

Get the Kangaroo Siren + Keypad Security Alarm with 3 Motion Sensors at Sidedeal today!

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