Diners sue Japanese steakhouse for serving meals tainted with meth

A group of diners claim that after enjoying a hibachi meal at the Nikko Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Pace, Florida, they "began to experience rising heart rate, increased sweating, rapid speech, racing thoughts, dizziness, nausea, excess energy, inability to sleep, vomiting, paranoia, fear, and/or anxiety." Nope, it wasn't MSG. At the emergency room, drug tests revealed that they had been exposed to methamphetamine.

Police tested the plaintiffs' leftovers and found traces of meth in their meals. They're now suing the restaurant, which has since closed, for more than $50,000. According to Law & Crime, "nvestigators were unable to determine whether anyone associated with the restaurant put the drugs in the food, and reports that an employee might have accidentally tainted the food could not be confirmed."

(via Fark)