Never miss a thing with these digital binoculars of the future, especially when they're this discounted

TL:DR; See things in a new light with a pair of digital camera binoculars that let you record footage in HD, now just $89.97, over half off its regular price — as long as you purchase by 11/16! 

There are many cool things to witness in this world, whether you're out on a nature hike or watching your favorite band kill it on stage. And while filming things on your phone is one of the best things technology has to offer these days, it doesn't always do whatever you're trying to capture justice, especially from a far distance. 

That's where a good pair of binoculars come in handy — but not just any binoculars. This pair not only boasts a magnification of 12X, but it also serves as an HD camera, allowing you to get a closer look at things and record them, all in one fell swoop. The binoculars' price tag is also worthy of your attention, reading just $89.97 down from $200 — and you don't need any magnification to see that this is clearly a good deal.

Whether you're watching a concert from the nosebleed section, trekking out into the wilderness on a hunting trip, or fishing on the open water, these HD digital camera binoculars enable you to see everything in great detail from up to 1 kilometer away with 12X magnification. And to take things one step further, the gadget's built-in camera and camcorder let you capture these moments with high-resolution images and HD video, so you can relive the magic again and again without ever worrying about getting out your phone.

While these binoculars are a high-end gadget, they're built to withstand the outdoors without getting damaged. Their anti-reflective coating prevents water filtration and even improves light transmission, plus they're waterproof, fog-proof, and resistant to dust and shock. And thanks to the binoculars' compact size, you can easily pop 'em into your pocket, bag, or whatever else and take them with you anywhere.

Get your hands on this advanced technology before your next unforgettable outdoor adventure!

The HD digital camera binoculars are discounted to just $89.97 down from $199 as long as you act before 11/16! 

Prices subject to change.