Chris Christie shuts down MAGA Newsmax host: "The truth is coming, baby"

Think what you will about former Trump-sycophant Chris Christie, but as the only Republican candidate who consistently hammers Donald Trump and MAGA propaganda, he sure is fun to have around.

Especially since, as a former federal prosecutor (and Republican bully himself), he knows how to clobber hard, as he did yesterday when he punched the stuffing out of far-right Newsmax host Eric Bolling. (See video below, posted by Republican Accountability.)

The heated exchange began when Christie predicted that the four-times indicted Trump would be convicted by this April, to which the foolish Bolling pushed back, saying, "By who? By a bunch of liberal Democrats…because they fear him."

"No, no, not by a bunch of liberal Democrats! No, no, I'm not going to put up with you saying that!" Christie responded.

"He's going to be convicted by Mark Meadows, a founder of the Freedom Caucus and his chief of staff, who he called the next James Baker," Christie shouted, shooting down Bolling's MAGA rhetoric with perfect aim.

"That guy is now testifying, and will sit 20 feet away from Donald Trump in a courtroom, taking an oath and saying he committed crimes, that 'he directed others to commit crimes, including me.' That's what he's going to say," Christie continued, as a visibly flattened Bolling nodded in defeat. "And that's not some woke prosecutor, that's not some group of liberals, that's a guy who founded the Freedom Caucus in the House, a Republican from North Carolina, and his choice for chief of staff, Eric."

"I'm not a numbers guy, I'm a character guy, and when Mark Meadows gets on that stand, everything I've been saying about Donald Trump that you've been making fun of me about for months is going to wind up being true," Christie concluded, before adding, "The truth is coming, baby. The truth is coming."