Kevin McCarthy also shoved Adam Kinzinger — not once but twice!

Looks like Congressman Tim Burchett (R–TN) isn't the only victim to Kevin McCarthy's rage — former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R–IL) says he was also assaulted by the ousted former speaker.

But while McCarthy used his elbow to "sucker punch" Burchett in the kidneys earlier this week, he used his shoulder to slam into Kinzinger twice, according to the former lawmaker. The assaults allegedly occurred while Kinzinger was on the House floor during his time in Congress.

"And … wham — I get shoulder checked. Never had that happen on the floor of the House," Kinzinger told CNN today (see video below, posted by Acyn), explaining that he was surprised to turn around and see that it was McCarthy who had intentionally shoved him as he walked by. "Then three weeks later, we're passing each other … and he leans over and shoulder checks me again — like when you're in 4th grade. What a child!"

"Kevin McCarthy has compromised his values so much that he's lashing out now on the people who are calling him out," Kinzinger continued. "And honestly, I hope he gets help. … He's an angry man."

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