PJ Harvey plays a beautiful Tiny Desk Concert of her newest songs plus one "oldie" (video)

The great PJ Harvey took over NPR's Tiny Desk to perform tracks from her latest album, I Inside the Old Year Dying, release in July.

Following four of those new songs, she closed with the title track from White Chalk (2007), connecting her newest work "to her lifelong project of expressing women's solitude, pain and resistance," as described by Ann Powers. "Exploring how human boundaries can shatter, reassert themselves or be rendered irrelevant, these songs create a contained space that echoes far beyond itself."

SET LIST: "I Inside the Old I Dying" "A Noiseless Noise" "A Child's Question, August" "I Inside the Old Year Dying" "White Chalk"

MUSICIANS: PJ Harvey: vocals, acoustic guitar James Johnston: keys, acoustic guitar, violin, vocals John Parish: electric guitar, drums, vocals