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Learning doesn't have to stop when you're done with schooling. If your thirst for knowledge is insatiable (or you just want to be a know-it-all and nail all sorts of trivia), there are many gratifying ways to quench your curiosity.

How does unlimited access to thousands of films, series, and shows that cater to every passion sound? Whether you're a science enthusiast, obsessed with history, or a total geek for the latest tech, there's a high-quality documentary that answers your questions and opens up a world of possibilities. And on those days you're watching Jeopardy!, you can confidently shout your answers at the TV and get 'em right every time.

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This exceptional streaming service was founded by none other than the visionary John Hendricks, the genius behind Discovery Communications, and has since won its first Emmy for "Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places." 

Curiosity Stream's standard plan includes captivating content on science, technology, history, nature, and art, all brought to life through gorgeous visuals and engaging storytelling. Fresh content is added weekly, guaranteeing you'll always have something new and exciting to discover.

What awaits you on Curiosity Stream?

  • Vast selection of world-class documentaries.
  • Downloadable content to view offline.
  • High definition docs viewable on multiple devices.
  • Fine-tuned search tools.
  • Regular content updates.

Explore fascinating series like "Engineering the Future," "Out of the Cradle," "Speed," "Deep Time History," and "Polar Bears." Dive into a world of knowledge and entertainment like never before, and impress everyone with your endless knowledge, with Curiosity Stream.

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