Up your camping game with this sick car pop-up cabin now 25% off ahead of the holidays

TL:DR; Love spending time in the outdoors but still consider your comfort a top priority? Do yourself a favor and add this CARSULE pop-up cabin into the mix for just $279.97, 25% off its regular price if you act before 11/16 to take advantage of this awesome deal!

Nothing creates memories quite like spending time outdoors with family and friends, whether it be camping out on a secluded beach or cracking open a cold one at a tailgate party before a big game. But being under the open sky can pose some difficulty, and staying comfortable is of utmost importance, at least if you want these memories to be positive ones.

Perhaps it's time to up your outdoor adventure game with CARSULE, a pop-up cabin you can simply attach to the tailgate of your car. Unlike a typical tent or free-standing canopy, this pop-up cabin boasts a roomy cubic structure you can comfortably hang out in, sleep in, have a meal in, and more. And given that it's just over 25% off its regular price through 11/16, it serves as a great gift for someone special this holiday season.

The CARSULE pop-up cabin is incredibly adaptable, designed to attach to any car with a tailgate that swings up, including different SUV models. And it's UV-protective coating and waterproof flooring ensure you stay safe and comfortable while inside — it even has two-layer multi-purpose screen windows so you can enjoy the view with a roof over your head. You can also fit a table and chairs inside, sleeping bags, or whatever else, as it's incredibly spacious with a height of 6.5 feet.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the CARSULE has been changing the way people spend time outdoors, earning a 4.4 out of five stars online, with happy customers praising the cabin for its durability, easy assembly, and clever design. 

Explore more outdoor possibilities with CARSULE at a price that's even more exciting!

The CARSULE pop-up cabin for your car is on sale for just $279.97 through 11/16, no coupon code necessary. 

Prices subject to change.