Kwumsy, a keyboard with a built-in display for your computer

Kwumsy is a mechanical keyboard with a built-in 1920×720 touchscreen display and one of various similar designs, folding and flat. Connecting via USB-C or HDMI, it has a USB hub, card reader and an m.2 slot for more storage.

The multifunctional touchscreen gaming mechanical keyboard with extended screen features a resolution of 1920*720 IPS 60Hz in a 13 inches touchscreen.High brightness(300nits) and quality picture and zero-latency touch, effectively offering a perfect user experience and visibility when you want to expand the screen display.The touchscreen can be adjusted to an angle of 0-90 degrees to meet different usage.It supports 10-point touch with Windows devices. … Kwumsy K3 touchscreen keyboard is a truly international 82-key customized mechanical keyboard.You'll be able to replace key-caps, mechanical shafts, and shock-absorbing foam by seamlessly disassemble each part as you need.The keyboard features anti-shock silicone at the bottom and inside for a satisfying tactile feel.You can also DIY your keyboard by customizing certain functions.It also supports knob shortcut control and hot plugging,convenient and useful.

I love the look of these, but I want one that is or at least accomodates the actual computer. They're sure big enough! If it can have an SSD slot it can have a… Pi hole? Can I call it that? Pi hole.