Communicate across 37 languages with these award-winning translation earbuds for only $89.97

TL;DR: Communicate with over 2 billion people across 37 languages with the Mymanu CLIK S Award Winning Translation Earbuds for only $89.97 (Reg. $157) until 11:59 PM on 11/26. No coupon needed.

Travel is fun, but getting lost in translation is not.

And since nobody likes getting lost, it's great when you find a tool that helps you avoid it. Plus, if you're honest with yourself, you probably haven't really been doing your Duolingo lessons.

That's why you need these Mymanu CLIK S Translation Earbuds — your ultimate travel companion that will redefine how you experience the world. Honored with the 2019 CES Innovation Award, these wireless earbuds are set to revolutionize your travel adventures by enabling seamless communication with over 2 billion people across 37 languages worldwide. 

Powered by MyJuno, the proprietary translation app from Mymanu, the CLIK S earbuds transcend the ordinary. Whether you're engaged in face-to-face conversations or bridging gaps across borders, these earbuds empower you to effortlessly speak and write in any supported language. It's like having a voice in your head just giving you the answers. You can also use them to listen to music, field calls, and keep up with notifications.

Why choose CLIK S Translation Earbuds?

  • Recognized excellence: A 2019 CES Innovation Awards Honoree.
  • Multilingual mastery: Seamlessly translate among 37 languages.
  • Unmatched comfort: Enjoy a secure fit with various-sized memory foam ear tips while exploring cutting-edge features. 
  • Endurance for your adventures: Up to 30 hours of battery life in the charging case and 10 hours on a single charge.
  • Universal compatibility: Connect with both iOS and Android devices, equipped with AptX® for superior wireless audio quality and minimal latency. 
  • Voice assistant convenience: Access Siri or Google with a simple press and hold.

Discover why CLIK S Translation Earbuds are a revolutionary choice. Customer reviews applaud their exceptional sound quality and superior translation capabilities, setting them apart from alternatives like Google. They also make excellent gifts for the frequent traveler in your life!

Elevate your travel experience today with the Mymanu CLIK S for only $89.97 (Reg. $157) until 11:59 PM on 11/26. No coupon needed.

Prices subject to change.