Get a new iPad — and Beats Headphones! — for only $189 this Black Friday

TL;DR:  Now, you can get the Apple iPad 6th Gen (2018) 32GB , along with a pair of Beats Flex Headphones, for just $189.97 through November 26.

Black Friday is here, and you know what that means: incredible shopping deals everywhere. We have price drops on some of the hottest items of the year, including amazing bundles that make for great presents for loved ones — and for yourself, too,

Consider this particular bundle, which gives you both an incredibly popular tablet and an excellent pair of headphones for a shockingly low cost. Through November 26, you can get a refurbished Apple iPad 6th Gen with Beats Flex Headphones for just $189.97. No coupons needed!

Here's why you'll want it: An iPad is an excellent gift for anyone. You can surf the web, read books, take photos, send messages, and more with this sleek and stylish tablet. This particular model has an HD camera for pictures and FaceTime calls, 32G of storage to keep all your most important files safe, and a screen with sharp and vivid resolution to make all activities easier on the eyes.

Yes, part of the reason it's so cheap is because it's refurbished, but don't let that status chase you away. It's been given a Grade "A," which means it's been restored to perfect operating condition and has barely any scratching or physical marks. You won't even notice it's been used before.

And don't forget about the Beats Flex Headphones, which are regularly raved about for their sound quality. They're also incredibly comfortable to wear and have a unique magnetic design to keep the cords from tangling together. 

Like the iPad, the Beats have been purchased before, but they're considered renewed open-box returns. Simply put, they've been returned, cleaned, and wrapped back in original packaging. They aren't even really considered used.

This bundle comes with some other useful accessories: chargers, a stylus, a screen protector, even a case to keep your new products safe and secure.

So, if you love tech, music, or simply a good deal, add this bundle to your Black Friday cart. Get a refurbished Apple iPad 6th Gen with Beats Flex Headphones for just $189.97 through November 26 now.

Prices subject to change.