During testimony, Trump's co-defendant burst into tears recalling the good old days

Oddly, one of Trump's co-defendants cried on the stand when asked about his departure from the organization. Controller Jeffrey McConney needed a tissue to dry his eyes as he nostalgically recalled the many exciting, non-accounting things he got to do for the Trumps.

Raw Story:

Jeffrey McConney became sentimental when asked about leaving the Trump Organization, according to New York Daily News' courts reporter Molly Crane-Newman.

"I got to do a lot of things that a normal accountant wouldn't be able to," McConney said, according to Crane-Newman.

She added the retired controller spoke nostalgically, and was "dabbing his eyes with a tissue."

Messenger reporter Adam Klasberg notes a court officer provided the tissue, and that both Judge Arthur Engoron and the attorney general's prosecutor asked McConney if he was okay.

Oh, the good old days of defrauding banks, and offering the CFO giant untaxed bonuses. How different things have become for the Trump organization's finance department, now spending a lot of time in court.