Keep your pet active when you can't with this robotic toy, now under $30

TL;DR: Need the perfect Christmas present for your best animal friend? Consider this robotic toy, which will automatically play with your pet. The Wicked Ball is now on sale for just $27.97 through November 26.

As much as we want to be with our pets all the time, it just isn't possible. But that doesn't mean we have to leave our beloved animals bored and restless when they're alone. Instead, we can give them plenty of fun throughout the day with this unique, interactive pet toy: The Wicked Ball.

And you don't have to wait for Black Friday to snare a deal on this pet toy, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and has consistently ranked in excellent reviews on Amazon. Thanks to our latest sale, you can get the Wicked Ball for only $27.97 now. No coupons needed! This price drop will last through November 26.

Here's why it's the ultimate item to add to your holiday shopping list: Once you turn the Wicked Ball on, it'll roll, bounce, vibrate, and emit flashing, colorful lights as your pet plays with it. It's an extremely entertaining toy for any cat or dog, ensuring they have plenty of fun and stay mentally stimulated when you're busy or out of the home. It's got a long battery life, too: up to eight hours.

But don't be worried about it stressing our your animal if you've been gone for awhile, You can select from three modes — low, medium, and high — to ensure this robotic toy meets your animal companion's energy level. And, if your pet is more motivated with snacks, you can still make this toy uniquely appealing to them, thanks to the snack hole.

So, make your animal's holiday absolutely magical this year. Give them the gift of constant fun and buy the Wicked Ball, available for $27.97 through November 26, now.

Pries subject to change.