MTG's new book is no "Magic: The Gathering" — it's a gathering of poor reviews

The first problem with Marjorie Taylor Greene's book, which debuted yesterday, is its title: MTG. When you search for it online or on Amazon, the results that come up are either products or information about the card game Magic: The Gathering.

The second problem is that the book is selling poorly. Its Amazon ranking positions it as the 3,349th best-selling book on the site. Based on my experience as an author, this is a pretty dismal performance.

The third problem is the poor reviews the book is receiving. So far, the reviews trickling in are all one-star, which isn't likely to inspire potential buyers.

Take a look:

  • I saw my neighbor throwing this book into the trash and ask him if I could read it first. Boy, what a boring mistake. This is book is far from any reality and full of imaginations. Don't waste your time.
  • i couldn't even get thru half of the book.MTG is living in a different world then most can tell it stretches the truth and imagination
  • America First? Printed in Canada. Filled with lies.
  • This book had absolutely nothing to do with Magic: The Gathering.

To be fair, that last review isn't entirely correct. Both Magic: The Gathering, and Marjorie Taylor Greene both exist in fantasy worlds, so there is that.

Stay tuned for the perpetually aggrieved Jewish Space Laser lady to blame the mainstream media and the deep state for suppressing her masterwork.