Save over $1500 on this five-star rated BirdBike eBike today

TL;DR: Upgrade your commute and take your daily transport up a gear with a top-of-the-range eBike. This one from BirdBike comes with a five-star rating, and right now, you can grab it for just $749.97 – an amazing saving of over $1500 (reg. $2299). 

Want to ditch expensive gas costs and get around faster? The latest eBikes offer the perfect transport upgrade, with tech-forward functions, precision and power – ideal for your daily commute, or for fun weekend rides. The BirdBike eBike is one such tech-savvy model which comes loved by customers – and while it's usually $2299, right now, you can snap it up for just $749.97. That's a saving of more than $1500, the best price you'll find for it anywhere on the web – and that's not even counting all the money you'll save on gas and rideshares when you swap out short trips in the car for this beauty. 

When we say it's loved by customers, we mean it: it's earned an unbeatable five out of five star rating from users. As one verified customer recently raved, "Wow! Having an electric bike is a total game-changer for getting around town. I don't have to hassle with parking/traffic and get fresh air (exercise if I want it). Heads turn to look at the bike and I get a lot of compliments." 

So what's got everyone so obsessed with this exact model? For starters, this all-electric bike comes with a powerful 500W motor, which makes for a powerful yet super smooth ride. Then, it also offers an instant boost – just hit the throttle and instantly up your speed or climb hills with ease. 20mph speeds are no trouble for this model, as is its 50 mile range, so whether you want to explore your local area or go electric for your commute, the BirdBike has got you covered. 

Grab the five-star rated BirdBike eBike with over $1500 off for just $749.97 now, until 26/11 (reg. $2299). 

Prices subject to change.