Stay extra cozy this winter with a heated scarf, now on sale for $34.97

TL;DR: Get super cozy with this power-bank-operated scarf. An extra dose of warmth for you or as a gift is now on sale for $34.97 (Reg. $79).

Give all the pressure cookers you want, but everyone knows there is nothing better than getting the gift of a scarf during the holiday season. When you think about it, a scarf is the only practical option for the folks you care about.

If you're looking for a scarf that, not only makes a statement but also has an added element of surprise, this Helios Heated Scarf with Power Bank is the perfect gift. It's here on sale for $34.97 (Reg. $79).

Made of super high-quality polyester fabric, advanced insulation and lining makes it the amazing choice for those bone chilling days when it's not possible to stay home in your jammies.

When that doesn't seem to be enough to give you the warm fuzzies, the innovative heating technology and three adjustable heat levels ensure your neck is the driving force to your body's warmth. The heat levels range from 113°F to a totally reasonable 149°F, so you can set the right temp for your own dethaw. Speaking of, it's weather resistant, so those harsh January days are never taking a toll on your new favorite accessory.

Thankfully, the battery is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable to power up and down wherever you go, which means you will stay warm all day or night long. Worried about remembering to charge? Don't be. You charge your cell, ear phones, and computer, it's super easy to add your scarf into the mix.

Get the Helios Heated Scarf with Power Bank, which also includes a USB cable for $34.97 (Reg. $79).

Prices subject to change.