Bibi plays host to Elon Musk's "I am not an antisemite" rehabilitation tour

Once again, dragging the attention away from issues, Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk found a way into the spotlight.

Musk wants to look like a person who cares deeply about Jewish people after his public antisemitism has chased away his revenue. Even Tesla shareholders were reputed to be unsettled by Musk's recent nastiness, so the fail whale was squeezed into what looks like a teeny tiny bulletproof vest and shown around a site of the October 7th atrocity in Israel. Musk's tour guide was none other than highly polarizing and embattled Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Musk also spent time with other Israeli leaders and the families of hostages taken into Gaza. I am sure this was time well used. I also doubt this rehabilitation tour will win back many advertisers.


"Unfortunately, we are inundated with antisemitism, which is hatred of Jews," Herzog told Musk, according to the statement. "I think we need to fight this together, because the platforms you lead, unfortunately, have a large reservoir of hatred, hatred of Jews, anti-Semitism."

In an earlier statement, the president's office said representatives of the families of hostages held by Hamas also joined the meeting, to share "the horrors of the Hamas terror attack, and of the ongoing pain and uncertainty for those held captive."

During the visit to the destroyed kibbutz, Israeli officials described to Musk what had taken place, the Israeli government press office said.

"The prime minister and Musk then proceeded to the Edan family home, where Musk heard about the family story of four-year-old Abigail Edan, whose parents were murdered and who was kidnapped to Gaza and released yesterday from Hamas captivity," the press office added.

Musk could do a lot to combat antisemitism, but his "free speech absolutism" permits it to run rampant on his social media network.