Keep cozy in style with this sleek heating lamp and save $12

TL;DR: Enjoy this elite combination of style and comfort with the 1500W Heater Floor Lamp for only $286.99 (Reg. $299) and save $12.

Who says you can't have it all?

Well, some people might say it. But they're probably a bit lacking in imagination. Maybe you can't have it all in some cases, but you can certainly have it all in others. 

Comfort seekers and style aficionados can rejoice — here's something that is both practical and beautiful. The 1500W Heater Floor Lamp is ultra sleek, uber cool…and a heater in disguise.

Imagine lounging on your patio or deck, basking in a cozy glow, unfazed by the chill in the air. Or how about keeping your living room toasty while watching a movie without cranking up the thermostat for the entire house? Yep, this lamp's got you covered.

With its ability to heat up to 323 square feet, this lamp is like your personal sun – minus the sunburn, of course. The extra-long power cord means you can place it wherever your heart desires, be it indoors for a snug dinner or outdoors for midnight cocktails under the stars.

Now, let's talk about style. This is not your grandma's space heater. Crafted from sophisticated steel and aluminum, this lamp is the epitome of contemporary chic. It blends in so well with your decor, your guests will be none the wiser.

Naturally, safety is a top priority. This sturdy and stable marvel is tough against the wind and safe around your curious pets and adventurous kids. It even has the smarts to shut off automatically if it ever takes a tumble.

So, go ahead and get ready to light up and cozy up your space with a touch of modern elegance.

Make the 1500W Heater Floor Lamp yours for only $286.99 (Reg. $299) and stay toasty in style.

Prices subject to change.