Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes's wine unwelcome on Truth Social

Laughing stock and CEO of Trump's money-losing Truth Social attempted to sell his family vintage on the social media platform. Offering $75 bottles of "Patriot" wine, Nunes was lambasted. Users complain about everything from the price to Nunes's lack of dedication to their cause of spreading the MAGA hatred.

Nunes is doing precisely what he always has, trying to make a quick buck. Clearly, running Truth Social isn't a long-term plan and the former Congressperson is diversifying from cattle into wine.

Raw Story:

That did not sit well with a multitude of Truth Social users with one MAGA fan complaining, "So, you went from defending We the People to selling us your f**king wine. Figures."

Along with complaints that the wine comes from "leftist" California, others were aghast at the prices complaining they can barely feed their families in the "Biden economy."

A commenter going by "AZ Patriot" complained about the state of Truth Social which Nunes oversees, writing, "Dude, your site is full of federal trolls posting bogus links, we can't even afford our rent, and you want to boast about how you're an alcoholic wino, dude you're not in touch with the movement are you?"