Black Friday sale alert! Microsoft Windows 11 Pro is now under $23

TL;DRMicrosoft Windows 11 Pro is a necessity to keep your computer running in tip-top shape. And while such a crucial piece of software is usually expensive (think $199), right now, for Black Friday, it's only $22.97. But make sure to hurry, as you can only get this jaw-dropping deal through December 3!

Black Friday is here! And while we're scooping up deals on clothes, tech, furniture, and other physical items, it's also a time to get incredible price drops on the software we need to keep our lives running smoothly.

Think Microsoft Windows 11 Pro, which gives your computer an operating system that's quicker, more secure, and more productive. While Microsoft Windows 11 Pro is usually $199, right now, for Black Friday, you can get it at a truly jaw-dropping price. It's available for just $22.97 through December 3, no coupons needed.

There's a reason Microsoft Windows 11 Pro regularly receives raves (PCMag and TechRader have both given this operating system four stars.) It gives you access to all of Microsoft's top productivity apps — Word, Excel, Teams, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more – as well as a stylish interface that's easy to customize and operate. You also get access to fun games with DirectX 12 Ultimate, useful add-ons like more powerful voice-to-text technology, and stronger security measures. Microsoft Windows 11 Pro even offers biometrics logins and advanced encryption services.

It's not just Windows 11 Pro's many strengths that make it an appealing purchase. It's a must for people who have refurbished laptops, as used devices typically don't have the latest operating systems. It's also good for users who only have Windows 10 because Windows 10 won't be getting regular updates anymore, unlike Windows 11.

(Just a note, you can't just upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11 Pro for free; you can only upgrade to Windows 11 Home at no cost. If you have Windows 10 Pro, you may be able to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro for free, but it's not a guarantee, depending on your device.)

So, keep your computer running to the best of its ability this Black Friday! Treat yourself to Microsoft Windows 11 Pro for only $22.97 this shopping holiday, available through December 3.

Prices subject to change.