Brands are abandoning Xitter

Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk looks to have finally emerged from his social network's tailspin only to begin an exciting new phase in his re-imaging of the former media powerhouse: death spiral.

There has been a lot of noise made out of the advertisers fleeing after Musk's declaration of the "great replacement" theory to be "the actual truth." Little notice was taken of the fact many big brands didn't just stop advertising; they have stopped sending updates to their feeds. The content from sources people want to see is drying up.

There is less and less reason for lay people to want to read whatever is on Xitter. Having turned the platform into a screaming neo-Nazi carnival, Musk hasn't left room for the people that generated his revenue either by creating content or paying to advertise next to it. The current plan to "share revenue" with users is merely intended to reward the most vile, who will soon only be speaking to themselves.


The flagship accounts belonging to Disney, Paramount, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Warner Bros. Discovery (CNN's parent company) have not posted on the platform in roughly 10 days, following Musk's disturbing endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory, which he still has not apologized for.

None of the studios commented on the record when CNN reached out for comment. But people familiar with the social media strategies of Paramount and WBD confirmed under the condition of anonymity that it's no coincidence: the companies have made the active decision to stop posting under certain handles on X due to concerns, including brand safety.

The blackout on X extends beyond these companies' corporate accounts, in some cases. For instance, the most high profile accounts affiliated with Disney have gone dark on X, such as @StarWars, @Pixar, and @MarvelStudios, which were previously posting multiple times a day on the platform to their millions of followers. Instead, these brands have switched over to the Meta-owned rival Threads, where they have started actively posting.