Listen to music without disturbing others with these high-quality headphones, now $23 on our Extended Cyber Monday Sale

TL;DR: Want to have headphones that make listening to music the most enjoyable experience possible? You can make that happen this Cyber Monday, Get the Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones, which typically cost $79, for just $22.97 for Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is the time to get incredible price drops on top items, including sale prices on high-quality headphones.

Take the Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones, which utilize special tech to get better sound quality. While they usually cost $79, as part of our Cyber Monday sale, they cost $22.97. You can score this price drop through December 3, no coupons needed!

Yes, the price makes these headphones attractive — but there are many more reasons why they stand out. This particular pair of headphones is specifically designed to deliver clear, high-quality sound to the wearer, while keeping them reasonably aware of sounds around them. It's all thanks to the special induction technology, which directs sound to the bones in your ear in a special way.

The sound quality is a major plus, but these headphones are always comfortable supremely comfortable to wear — they're designed to be sleek and lightweight. You can play music, listen to podcasts, make phone calls, and more with this pair, which offer up to six hours of battery life.

Other things we love about the Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones: They're water resistant (good for exercising!), can match with Bluetooth, and are compatible with Siri. These headphones are the perfect pair for any activity!

So, the next time you need a pair of headphones, remember you can get a stylish, comfortable pair for an incredible price as long as you buy this Cyber Monday. Get the Open-Ear Conduction Stereo Wireless Headphones for just $22.97 through December 3.

Prices subject to change.