Toronto incel who murdered woman is jailed for life

Oguzhan Sert, then a 17-year-old boy obsessed with incel ideology, murdered 24-year-old mother Ashley Arzaga and stabbed another woman with a machete inscribed with "Thot Slayer." He was sent to jail for the rest of his life yesterday on a terrorism-enhanced conviction that makes parole "unlikely."

He pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder in July, when justice Sukhail Akhtar found the attack, with its links to the "incel" ideology, amounted to an act of terrorism.

On Tuesday, Akhtar told the court that sentencing the man as a youth would be "insufficient" to the task of pursuing accountability.

The judge rejected the claim the man had been "brainwashed" by the incel movement. "He sought it out, he accepted it and he acted upon it," the judge said.

Incels – virtually all of whom are male – are self-described "involuntary celibates", who subscribe to an ideology that the world is unjustly stacked against unattractive heterosexual men.

Incel "celibacy" is an ideology built on expecting sex from women they identify as high-status. If you're wondering why some commentators sympathise with Incels, it's because under their veneers they share Incels' transactional and proprietary view of sex.